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  曾经有两本影响了全球互联网行业的畅销书,《长尾理论》和《免费》,它们的作者克里斯·安德森(Chris Anderson)刚刚辞去了《连线》杂志主编的职务,并且出版了他的新书《创客》Makers

  “ 我曾在中国生活四年,有幸目击现代中国的崛起,1997至2001年我在香港、广东, I lived in China for four years and I was very lucky to see modern China emerge. I was here from 1997 to 2001 in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province.
  “这段经历改变了我的人生,It changed my life.我看见一个西方所不理解的中国,I saw a China that the West don't understand.但当我去到深圳、东莞等地的工厂,我见到了不起的工程师,创新氛围很好,竞争十分激烈,高科技程度远超我预期。But as I spent my time in factories in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places, I saw fantastic engineers, innovation, incredible competition, higher technology than I had thought possible.
and I realized China's technology future was awesomely going to be the world's technology future.今天回到这里很兴奋,部分原因就在于此。接下来我想讲一点自己的故事,我如何成为创客,之后又如何成为创客企业家。以及我为何相信这不仅是一股科技、经济趋势,而是会像互联网那样革新这个世界。What I'd like to do is to tell you a little bit about my own story, how I became a Maker, and then a Maker Entrepreneur, and how I became convinced that this was not just a technological trend, perhaps economic trend, that would change the world as much as the Internet did.



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